How to care for your candle

The First Burn

Do not extinguish your candle until a complete pool of melted wax forms across the entire surface. If this is not done, the wax will most likely tunnel and the sides will never burn, shortening the life of your candle.

How to Avoid Tunneling

Use the diameter of the candle as the guide for burning time. For every inch, burn for one hour. Example, burn a candle that has a 4 inch diameter for 4 hours.

Keep Wicks Trimmed

For best burning, wicks should be around 1/4" high. A trimmed wick will give you a nice bright flame!

Avoid Putting Burning Candles Under Vents or Fans

Air currents will cause candles to burn unevenly and/or produce excessive smoke.

Lifespan of Your Candle

Our candles have a 45-60 hour burn time. Once your candle has been burned entirely, there will still be wax that hasn't melted due to the punt. (see below)

Wine and champagne bottles have a raised indentation, called a punt, at the bottom. Because we make our candles from real recycled wine bottles, our wick sits on top of this punt. Wax will fill around this area, but your candle will be finished burning when the wick is gone. Therefore, you may see some extra wax at the bottom of the candle that will not be burned due to the structure of the bottle and the placement of the wick.